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6 Nov 2017

First Comes Marriage…Then Comes a Baby in a Baby Carriage

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follow url We photographed this mom and dad’s wedding a few years back and now we get to photograph their newest addition! So love it when families bring their babies to me. I love watching them grow.

6 Oct 2017

Apple Barn Tradition

go site Every year we go to the Apple Barn at Taves farm.  We jump on the jumpy pillow, pick out our pumpkins and usually get some treat at the store.  We also measure the boys on the growth chart.  So cool to see how much they have grown in 14 years.  It’s also so cool to see how much my photography has evolved.  Love this yearly tradition.

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6 Sep 2017

Baby Beluga

Can’t believe that this little baby is one year old already!  I love my one year plans, so that I can see them grow! Happy Birthday B!

25 Jun 2017

Time Flies {Abbotsford Prom Photographer}

I’ve know this girl’s family since before she was born.  I went to visit her at the hospital, and even baby sat her.  Now she’s all grown up.  Thank you for letting me document this milestone for you and your friends.  I’m so excited to see how you will change the world. Congratulations!

816_8295 816_8180 816_8311 816_8316 816_8318 816_8246 816_8338 816_8350

28 May 2017

Look Who’s One {Abbotsford Photographer Baby’s First Year}

One Year-03

I have known this boy’s mama for a long time… ever since we were kids.  We grew up going to the same church and youth group! Now she has kiddos of her own.  I’ve been so privileged to have photographed both of them since newborns.  Just love seeing them grow up.  Happy Birthday Mr. W!  So great to see you grow up to be a little man.

One Year-01

One Year-02

One Year-05

One Year-04

One Year-07

One Year-15

One Year-08

One Year -11


One Year-13

One Year-12

One Year-14

16 May 2017

Pop Up Wedding {Event Photographer}


NC Wedding 3

Can I just say that I love long time clients? I have photographed this beautiful lady’s two children and I was so honored to be invited to this lovely lady’s “pop-up” wedding.  She got married in Mexico a few weeks ago, but had a civil ceremony in Fort Langley the week before.  Here are a few of the event.  Can’t wait to do your special family session in Harrison soon!

NC Wedding 4 NC Wedding 6

NC Wedding 5

NC Wedding 1

NC Wedding 7

Talking with mom in Ontario via Facetime! Love!

NC Wedding 8 NC Wedding 2 NC Wedding 9

To see this gallery visit the link here.  Password is their new last name.

29 Apr 2017

Girlies in the Tulips {Abbotsford Tulip Festival}



These three lovely ladies I met on Friday at the Abbotsford Tulip Festival.  It was a cloudy and sunny day–loved the fluffy clouds in our mountainous landscape.  They just got some fun sunglasses from Kuma, so we had so much fun playing with the reflections.  If you want to know more about these girls, they have their own blog. They have some fun fashion, food and healthy living advice.  Check them out!

marley ccp

rebecca ccp

vienna ccp





9 Apr 2017

Happy Birthday Little Miss Madeline! {One Year Photographer}

Newborn baby hospital

I can’t believe it’s already been a year this week since this little one came into the world.  She is full of spunk and so very curious.  Can’t wait to hear what she says when she starts talking our ears off.  Happy Birthday dear cousin Madeline!

Newborn Bump Volleyball



Newborn teal box hat





Yum!  Cake!

One Year Girl Chair Standing Sitting


Eat Cake Smash Mess

Dad!  Stop eating my cake!

Cake Smash Eat Cake One Year

6 Apr 2017

Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea {Six Months}

Beluga newborn six months

This cute little one has grown up in the past six months.  It’s so fun to incorporate the same props from the newborn shoot.  I love how his personality is coming through, too! It’s great to see the families for our one year plan.  See you soon for your cake smash little whale.  🙂

baby beluga

baby bowl

little dude

parents family baby

parents baby

family parents baby

baby parents family


16 Mar 2017

Baby Belly {Abbotsford First Year Photographer}

CCP Love Valentines

I was so privileged to capture this handsome boy’s first year, and now he will be a big brother.  I was so surprised when mom showed up at the studio for H’s mini two year shoot sporting a cute belly.  We scheduled her belly shoot and got her due date on the calendar right away.  The day came for the belly shoot and the weather was crazy–snow. rain and sunshine!  Luckily we were able to catch a little snow.  It looked so pretty with her pink dress.  Can’t wait to meet the newest babe soon!



CCP Family Belly








CCP jump

Bye from this big brother! Such a BIG jump!

5 Mar 2017

…and then there were four! {One Year Plan}


It’s so awesome that I am able to document this family’s growth from the beginning!  Their oldest is now 5 and I photographed her when she was in mom’s belly.  I do remember that after the second, I asked dad if there would be any more, and he said he was done.  Guess someone else had different plans and now they are blessed with 4 beautiful children.  Here is their ‘final’ baby boy! He sure loved to give me the pirate eye.  (I also just couldn’t resist the reactions of the older siblings!)

CCP belly








816_1807 816_1808 816_1820



25 Feb 2017

Website Designer {One Year Package}

It seems only fitting to do a post on my blog about my website designer’s  adorable boy!  I so love shooting the baby’s first year and this was no exception. It’s so fun to use the same props and see how much they have grown.  It was so cool to see how he could stand and walk and show my number 1 with his pointer finger.  I love that he also LOVED his cake and knew to eat it right away! I can’t wait for baby boy number two in April!  Happy Birthday Mr. K!




CCP Family 1

CCP Blue Blanket

CCP Easter Bunny

CCP Love You Forever Book

CCP Quilt

CCP Volleyball Baby

CCP One Year Old

CCP Cake 2

Cake 1

7 Feb 2017

How to take Great Snow Photos! {Abbotsford Photographer}


Well, it’s been so long since I posted, so I decided to show you some snow pictures of my boys and some tips and tricks to taking photos in the snow!

If it’s sunny, try to have the sun to the side of the subject.  If they are looking into the direct sun, they tend to squint.  That being said if you are in the shade and the sun is lit behind you, it tends to put you in focus and blow out the background.

For action shots, try to use multiple frames or fast shutter speed to capture the action. A few times, I wanted to get the best shot, so I was in the direct line of my boys path sledding and they had to swerve to miss me.  Fun times. 🙂

If you are wanting a close up, focus on their eyes, get them to laugh or catch them at the end of their run.

It’s important to catch the whole story of their play time, so be sure to catch the details of their wet clothes, their sleds, them shovelling or them inside of their igloos or snow forts.  Also,  I love having not just the close ups, but little people, BIG scenery.  Where they were is just as important as what they were doing! It helps you to capture the entire memory!

Enjoy the snow while it lasts in the Fraser Valley.  Hope this helps you document your time in the snow.



717_8083 717_8087


717_8081 IMG_1754




18 Jul 2015

{Newborn and Belly: First Year Plan} Adorable Little Fox

This precious boy didn’t come into the world the way their parents had hoped at home, but via c-section last week; however, he was such a great poser this morning!  This family loves the outdoors and gardens as you can see by there maternity shoot–they even have bees in their back yard, so it was only fitting to have this babe be a few garden characters.





815_4140-CCP-baby-bum 815_4085-CCP-neutral-baby


When I saw this adorable little blanket… I knew he just had to be the caterpillar!



I just love the way they look at him!

815_4176-CCP-family-bnw 815_4183-CCP-family

9 Jun 2015

{Coquitlam Engagement Photographer} “Take me out to the ball game…”

815_1277-CCP-baseball-fieldI’m so excited for this couple…I have taken their photos for about 5 years…since their first baby arrived.  Then again with their second baby a few years later!  Now they are engaged and I am so happy for them.  We met a top the hill in Coquitlam at a neighbourhood baseball diamond.  Softball is where their relationship started, so this styled shoot was a home run. 🙂

815_1218-CCP-pitch 815_1178-CCP-bat 815_1212-CCP-kiss-home 815_1223-CCP-ring 815_1239-CCP-bleachers 815_1231-CCP-details 815_1285-CCP-close-up 815_1300-CCP-dugout 815_1296-CCP-power


To see more of our engagement photos visit our page here.